Have you ever looked at a peak and wondered what the name of the mountain / hill is? Thought about climbing it but not sure what it's called to research your routes? Got to the top of a neighbouring peak and want to see what's around you?

Well here's your answer! Through the magic of GPS and your device's inbuilt compass just point your phone at the peak and PeakZie will tell you its name, height and the current distance from you!

Release Dates

*** due to lack of testing of this app it's been put on hold whilst we concentrate on other projects, such as Empty Nest Travellers. Hopefully Peakzie and it's GPS fun can be reimagined in 2025...

PeakZie launched on iOS in July '19. Further updates planned for 2020 were put on hold due to restrictions on travel, but Android is expected in early '21, alongside an iOS upgrade now that we can get out and test the app properly once more.
"What are you looking at?"